FIA Calls for New Global Policy to Tackle Vehicle Emissions

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The FIA has called on the United Nations to adopt the first-ever worldwide target for CO2 emissions in passenger cars.

26.10.2007 -- At its General Assembly in Paris today, the FIA and its member clubs worldwide unanimously agreed to a Declaration which sets a global CO2 emissions benchmark of 140g/km for passenger cars as part of a new international framework for greener motoring.

The FIA’s new policy Declaration, entitled ‘Make Cars Green’, aims to help governments around the world work towards cost-effective environmental policies for the motor vehicle sector.

FIA President Max Mosley is calling for a coherent international strategy to reduce both the toxic emissions and the carbon intensity of the automotive sector.
“The FIA considers that a serious rethink on fuel economy and C02 reduction is required across the motor vehicle sector worldwide. The FIA is proposing a global framework which will create a level playing field allowing manufacturers and governments across different markets and regions to work together on this problem,” he said.

The key measure of adopting a non-mandatory global C02 emissions benchmark of 140g/km for passenger cars would ensure that progress in fuel efficiency of new motor vehicles across markets all around the world could be assessed so that decision makers can work towards cost-effective environmental policies for the automotive sector.

This standard could be adopted by the United Nations and serve as a global target for fuel efficiency of all new motor vehicles. While China, the EU, Japan and the US each have forms of fuel economy standards they vary widely in levels of stringency. As fuel economy is a global challenge, these policies must be brought into line. The target could also provide the basis for a future automotive sector carbon trading system in which manufacturers that exceed 140g CO2/km can trade permits with those that do not.

Mosley added: “There must be an integrated approach involving new vehicle technologies, improved fuel quality, better traffic management and measures that encourage motorists to recognise their responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions.”
Among its recommendations, the FIA Declaration also outlines ways to: promote more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient driver behaviour; reform motoring taxation with an emphasis on use rather than ownership; introduce new technologies to help motorists monitor their environmental impact; save energy through improved tyre design; and encourage the global use of unleaded and sulphur free fuels.
Along with the Declaration, the FIA has issued a ten point guide to greener motoring. Measures include: plan your journey - ten minutes of unnecessary driving in a 1-hour trip results in a 14 per cent decrease in fuel efficiency; check tyre pressures frequently - driving on tyres with low air pressure decreases fuel efficiency; start off gently - 20km/h in 5 seconds, for an 11 per cent increase in fuel economy; and avoid abrupt, heavy accelerations.


- Make Cars Green, the FIA’s ‘Declaration on Air Quality, Climate Change and the Automotive Fuel Economy’ was agreed by the FIA 2007 General Assembly on 26 October in Paris.
- Common standards for automotive emission control, fuel quality, and fuel economy would be developed through the United Nations World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (UNECE WP29).
- ‘Green taxation’ would give positive incentives to consumers to use cleaner and more fuel efficient automotive products. Motoring taxation should be reformed with a bias towards charging for use rather than ownership. Such reform must remain transparent, revenue neutral and hypothecated to improvements in road transport infrastructure and services.

Source: FIA

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